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Grounded in Research. Universally Applied.

Established in 2000 and located in Colorado Springs, Motere Consulting is a performance enhancement consulting firm providing management assessment and management development services. The company was founded by Dr. Stephen Long based on his proven theory of maximizing potential enabling him to build a statistically based predictive model of Human Performance & Leadership. Motere specializes in strategic execution based on Dr. Long's proven, reliable and measurable model that is generalized across disciplines equipping managers with the skills needed to execute strategy consistently.


We’re different. Winning conference and state championships in high school, and a national championship in college Dr. Long learned early through athletics the importance of strategic execution. No matter the talent, no matter the tradition, no matter the strategy people still have to execute.

Coaching three different sports on the college level confirmed Dr. Long’s idea that a person’s mindset is fundamental to consistent execution. However, his undergraduate experience failed  to present a model he could replicate, let alone learn how the mind influences performance. Whether it was the dynamics of dysfunctional families, behaviorism or the psychology of victimization he was dissatisfied and disappointed, but never discouraged. He entered coaching where the psychology of execution was practiced, albeit without a proven model. Earning full scholarships for his masters and PhD, he proceeded to examine the factors that contribute to consistent high performance and strategic execution. Serving as the Director of the University of Kansas Peak Performance Clinic followed by the Head of Performance Psychology in the Human Performance Lab at the United States Air Force Academy, Dr. Long concentrated his efforts on building a statistically based predictive model of human performance and leadership based on field research studying strategic execution, high performance, performance plateaus and choking under pressure for individual and team performance. 

Dr. Long completed three phases of field research to build his model. To summarize, Phase I showed his original idea to be a proven theory through the validation of his proprietary psychological inventory. Phase II  established a catalog of educational tools and strategies to improve performance and develop leadership applied to multiple disciplines including athletic, academic, military, artistic and business performance. Phase III focused on business performance and leadership. It was shown that social trust and belief systems are linked producing positive and negative performance effects, both individually and organizationally. 

Rather than multiple factors as originally thought, Dr. Long's field research showed it is a person’s belief system that prevented or enabled people to execute strategy consistently to the best of their ability. There are political belief systems, economic belief systems, religious belief systems. Dr. Long identified the performance belief system that is the foundation of strategic execution. Water rises to it own level where people execute only to the effectiveness of their belief system. At the heart of this performance belief system is Executive Functions - go ahead, Google it. It's the brain process that enables people, among other things, to execute strategy. People who make sound decisions, learn proactively and adapt to change effectively have attained an amplified level of awareness though self-management and relationship management skills. This belief system is at the core of Dr. Long's model.

Spawned though competition, empirically proven and applied to any performance situation. Field research conducted at an elite college in a highly competitive environment by a primary source who is one of North America’s top applied performance psychologists. We don’t follow the herd and we’re not a fad. Yeah we’re different, and wouldn't have it any other way. Our results speak for themselves and we back it up. Our tagline — Grounded in Research. Universally Applied. — captures our mission, principles and values.

Time tested, yet innovative. Universally applied, yet organizationally specific. Complex in origin, yet simply communicated. It's what we do. It's all we do. Nobody does it bett



Our mission is to help individuals and organizations grow, manage risk and increase value through proven behavioral tools and strategies.

We hold two primary skill sets — psychometrics and behavior change — where we measure and develop strategic execution skills. We measure individual, team and organizational strategic execution skills through our proprietary behavioral analyses. Through the behavioral analyses, our educational programs leverage strengths while filling in the gaps to improve strategic execution.




Improvement is found through the search for truth

  • Honesty 
  • Integrity 
  • Validity


Nobody commits a little; people commit or they don’t

  • Partnering
  • Confidentiality 
  • Creativity


Because no two people are the same

  • Respect 
  • Empathy 
  • Humility

Stephen Long, PhD


As founder and president of Motere Consulting, Dr. Stephen Long applies an educative, rather than rehabilitative, consulting model resulting in an average of 115% financial performance improvement for his clients with a zero failure rate. Through his work with exceptional leaders, champion athletes, fighter pilots, military special operations personnel, top salespeople, high producers and corporate executives, Dr. Long has helped permanently raise productivity from adequate to outstanding. Applying his strategies and techniques, Dr. Long has helped a variety of companies realize a significant increase in performance through strategic execution specifically management succession, turnarounds, performance plateaus and change management practices.  


A risk management expert in human capital and a primary source, Dr. Long built a statistical model of human performance and leadership that immediately enhances an organization’s productivity and efficiency. Dr. Long’s 30 years of experience and expertise has earned him a reputation as one of the world's leading experts in performance psychology. Armed with a legacy of success from a broad array of industries, Dr. Long’s expertise in behavior change, psychometrics and performance belief systems equips clients with the skills that are neglected by other consulting firms, leaving executives with temporary improvement rather than the long-term success they require. Dr. Long’s strategies provide rapid improvements followed by long-term success.

A leader in practical applications of strategic execution, Dr. Long has consulted with 26 championships teams on the conference, national and international levels. He has developed over 30 college All-American and all-conference athletes, a state champion, four Conference Player of the Year athletes, a Heisman Trophy finalist, a world champion and an NFL’s most valuable player. Dr. Long has consulted with several major college football programs as well as the United States Olympic Committee. He applies his  proprietary model to the business world with equal success.

Identified as one of North America’s top 10 performance psychology consultants by an independent study conducted at the University of Utah, Dr. Long is a highly sought after speaker by Fortune 1000 firms, mid-size companies, sales organizations and non-profits. His articles have appeared in dozens of magazines read by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Dr. Long began his career as a college football coach at the University of Virginia and the University of Delaware. He earned his PhD from the University of Kansas where he was honored as the Most Outstanding Doctoral Student. Formerly the Head of Performance Psychology within the Human Performance Lab at the US Air Force Academy and the Director of the KU Peak Performance Clinic, Dr. Long built a performance enhancement model by conducting research and developing applications for high performance, strategic execution, choking under pressure and performance plateaus. In his free time, Dr. Long enjoys fly fishing, competes as a master’s swimmer and is an accomplished marathoner.

Author of the critically acclaimed, Executive Presence: High Performance Leadership for the 21st Century, Dr. Long demonstrates strategic execution relies more on learned, deliberate competence significantly more than natural ability or intelligence.



Motere Consulting partners with a diverse clientele. However, they share one thing in common — outstanding results.

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  • Finance
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Whether it's business, military or sports, winning is the objective. Motere has a consistent record helping organizations achieve their goals.



"l have used Stephen as a career coach and now as an executive advisor, and have found his help invaluable. He is able to cut to the main issues, and to efficiently work with me to maximize my performance potential."


"We originally brought in Dr. Long to improve the performance of several of our people who were at one point high producers, but for one reason or another regressed to the bottom of the organization. They all responded very well to Steve's coaching and quickly got back on track. Once that cycle was completed we asked Steve to coach our highest producers. The results exceeded any of our expectations. Our firm set monthly, quarterly and yearly revenue records! We put our firms' most valuable resources into Steve's hands and we could not have made a better decision. Steve taught us that it's lot easier to pull the mean than to push it."

Business Owner

"Great patience and temperament for professional coaching and development. Great mentor for me as a college athlete. His example was helpful for me when I became an AOC to be more gracious with cadets."

US Air Force Officer

"Essentially, Dr. Long is about maximizing potential through competitive intelligence. His model -  the ability to think in stressful situations when it really matters -  separates professionals with otherwise similar natural abilities. This has to do with specific principles that govern preparation (learning) and execution (doing). Dr. Long has been instrumental in helping maximize my potential as well as with others I know. From a high school athlete with only one scholarship offer to AP All-American and 10th in the Heisman Trophy balloting and from getting fired as a professional to being the top producer for four years running in my previous company, Dr. Long's methods produce results. Now that I run my own company, Dr. Long's principles are even more important. As a consultant and coach for high performers, Dr. Long is the best. He has my highest endorsement and utmost respect."

Business Owner

“We initiated a comprehensive CEO Succession Process and selected four internal candidates to participate. Through our internal evaluation of candidate needs, we identified several areas of improvement and the need for executive transition. One of the candidates selected Dr. Steve Long of Motere Consulting to help him transition to the CEO level. By the end of the succession process we recognized improvement in three areas. First, where this person previously demonstrated a consistent pattern of setting the bar too low, he now establishes appropriate higher performance expectations and has improved in holding people accountable to those expectations. Second, prior to the succession process, this candidate took too much time to make a decision and was too flexible. He now makes decisions in a timely manner and adheres to decision making premises. Third, many people inside and outside our organization weren’t convinced this candidate conveyed the “Executive Presence” to be the next CEO. Today, he demonstrates an improved stature of a leader. This candidate has recently been named our next CEO and we’re confident in our company’s future. With Steve’s help, this candidate improved his leadership skills in those key areas and is better prepared to lead our organization to continued success.”

Outgoing CEO

"You get a sense that Dr. Long is a winner, that he has achieved his goals and speaks from experience. I see no downside to working with Steve. In my terms, I would say the risk is 'dead money' and there's just upside potential."

Wall Street Trader

"Stephen is a visionary that uses real life experiences to inspire and motivate individuals to success. His leadership principles guide not through intimidation, but what really motivate us to the core. Ordinary people have used them to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. I was able to witness Stephen in action speaking to a group of individuals who at the beginning were skeptical, but by the end were nodding their heads in agreement and walked away with the knowledge to lead their teams to success. I highly recommend Stephen as a coach, mentor and speaker. He is extremely professional, well spoken and a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for someone to help bring real, lasting change to your organization, look no further.​"

​Organizational Development Executive

 "Dr. Long is a valuable resource for ANY organization that hires people or manages a team. Whether managing change, improving communication skills, identifying and coaching A players, or facilitating behavioral or performance improvement, Dr. Long has a strong and diverse list of experience to face any need. He is personable yet firm and he pushes hard to yield results. Dr. Long will unlock potential and provide value. I would definitely consider Dr. Long in the future and I strongly urge Board Members, Owners, Principles, Coaches, etc to consult with him. He is worth every penny and any skeptics regarding his services should definitely contact him to discuss what he can do for you."

Operations Executive

"Steve has a keen sense of what the issues are. He put himself in my shoes and saw what my barriers were. He then showed me how to affect the things I could control and drop the rest. It's worth the money and I strongly endorse Dr. Long to anyone who is committed to taking their career to the next level."

Fortune 500 Executive 

"I began working with Dr. Long on a career path and development plan in the area of executive leadership. What I like about working with Steve, was his approach in using an innovative tool set that looked at opposite strengths and behavioral competencies. Dr. Long met with me for a series of conversations getting to know me, what I wanted out of the program and then gave me a series of assessments to better understand through a quantifiable approach, where I really was. After a period of meeting regularly over the next several months, he was able to provide a set of tools that I could use to become the leader I was meant to be. He then conducted a post coaching assessment, where I not only felt like I made progress but was able to quantifiably see where I made progress. I highly recommend Dr. Long to work with anyone who seeks to become a better leader that likes to see results and appreciates a no-nonsense type of coaching."


"Most successful people gain a healthy level of confidence as we advance through our careers. We become more comfortable with our subject matter knowledge and our decisions. Success breeds confidence, however having the “right confidence” complimented by our personal attributes is very important. Over the past year I have worked with Dr. Steve Long through a process of discovery. I learned to have a better handle toward pressures, my reactions to various conditions and managing the relationships comprising of vast personalities that exist in the business world. I admit that my initial reaction to coaching was 'I don’t have time in my schedule. I really am doing fine. This is not a good use of our company money.' My expectations for improving performance were minimal. However, the results have been wonderful. Through my coaching experience with Steve, I now understand my weaknesses and how to compensate for them. I also better understand my strengths, the strengths of others, and how to develop win-win relationships for top performance. I have always been a hard worker, yet now my productivity has dramatically increased. The results are great for me and my firm. Thanks Steve!"

Corporate Development Executive

​"Steve is a man of high integrity, in-depth knowledge, and he's an interesting and engaging person to work with. Steve coached me through a period of my career and worked with me to refine my approach to the competitive aspect of my business. I found Steve's research and ideas to be practical, focused on both strategy and tactical aspects, and most importantly, beneficial for me in increasing my business and my productivity. I would highly recommend Steve's consulting and coaching services to either individuals or corporations in need of organization development training or creative and helpful training on competing at a high level."

Talent Executive 

"In my opinion and experience, Stephen is one of the worlds leading experts in personal performance. I had the pleasure of working with Steve just after he left the Acadamy and I am proud of, but not surprised by his accomplishments. I would reccomend Steve to any organization or individual seeking to improve their performance."

Non-Profit Executive

"It is my pleasure and privilege to recommend Dr. Stephen Long. Personally, references usually do not carry much weight in my opinion because they are almost always all positive. I rarely give a reference for this reason and the services I receive are seldom above satisfactory. However, I must make an exception in Steve’s case. Steve not only assisted me with how to be more efficient at work, but with my entire life. He showed me how to take the stress out of work, be disciplined and be a well rounded individual. Today, I feel less pressure, have more energy and overall have a better balanced life. It was not just about making more income — although I achieved goals that I believed to be impossible before I met Steve. His coaching taught me how to do the hard thing, reward myself, work less, increase my current income and be happier so I do not get burned-out, especially in my high turnover career. I’d recommend Steve to any individual or organization who is looking to improve their performance and lifestyle. You’ll make more money and have more time off!"


​"Steve Long has been a positive influence and I greatly enjoyed the chance to work personally with him. Unlike other performances coaches, Steve uses plain language and real world examples and is not full of himself. He is also confident enough to let me apply his concepts in my own way, and not try to force a cookie cutter solution that will not work for me and result in dissatisfaction. It was a privilege to partner with Steve and I highly recommend his work — I’ve seen the positive results firsthand."

​Administration Executive 

"My company hired Stephen to diagnose why I was having a slump in performance. Through his counsel, I was able to dramatically improve my performance and sustain that performance during a very trying time for companies in general. He taught me it is not about what happens to you, but your response to both failure and success that drives high performance. It is a lesson I continue to relearn."

Talent Executive

"I was pleased with the performance of my company until I realized Dr. Long could take us to the next level. It was amazing to see the results that were obtained when an already successful company or person invests in high performance. We not only met our stretch goals for the year, but we are now competing in a whole new arena that we never before thought possible."

Financial Services Executive 

​"Steve is truly a leader. His level of commitment, dedication and passion for his chosen area continue to drive insight and breakthrough thinking. Steve's drive and vision were evident from the early days on the ballfield through his current global success."


"I am very happy to be a friend and business partner of Stephen's. He is a man of impeccable character and ethics. As a resource for helping people and companies achieve their potential he is unparalleled. I wholeheartedly endorse Stephen's services."




"Having worked with Steve Long, I know he has spent his entire career working with high performers from the playing field to the board room. I've experienced Steve's passion, energy and commitment. He knows how to get the most out of each client's performance, be it an executive, and athlete or a student. Steve's model and strategies enable people to execute at their best where it matters the most: the competitive arena."


"Dr. Long has been a tremendous help to us as coaches as to how we can improve our coaching effectiveness. His availability and counsel has resulted in improved performance of many of our players. Steve's program was a significant contributor during a time when we had the third highest winningest  percentage in the country.”

College Football Hall of Fame Coach

"My vision for bringing in Dr. Steve Long into my program was to build consistency to our on-field performance. Steve exceeded my expectations where we went undefeated during the regular season, ranked #1 in the nation most of the year and secured a first round bye in the NCAA championship tournament giving my team the rest they needed. His practical, yet unique strategies were well received by both my coaching staff and players."

FCS National Coach of the Year - Football

"I thought I had a better handle on my mental game than I did. However, my performance was affected greatly by working with Dr. Long. It was the turning point of my athletic career. Where before I experienced doubts, since working with Dr. Long I knew I could perform regardless of the situation.”​

All-American - Football

"I worked with Dr. Long in the Air Force Academy Athletic Department. Honestly, I felt I could handle most the young men’s issues and didn’t believe a lot in the performance psychology science. I was raised 'old school' and was taught you just figured it out and worked harder. Dr Long made me a believer. This is just one example and it illustrates what was a consistent pattern. We had a great talent and he was mentally stuck. He’d choke, to use an 'old school' term. I sent him to Dr Long and that young man ended up winning the conference title and qualifying for the NCAA Tournament. The only variable that changed with this young man was the work he and Dr Long put in together. Dr Long is a subject matter expert in his field and he has the soft relational skills to connect with a diverse group. Thanks Doc, you made a difference in the success of USAFA wrestling."

College Wrestling Coach

​"By working with Dr. Long I was able to sort through things and separate personal life from the on field things. I didn’t come to him soon enough. I don’t think people 
realize how valuable this resource is.”

​All-Conference - Women's Soccer

​“It turned out to be something really valuable. By working with Dr. Long I was able to relax off the field, then fully concentrate on the field. It added an element of consistency.”

All-Conference - Football

“The program gave me an understanding of how to do things. Dr. Long helped me to control and realize how to be confident.”

National Champion - Boxing

“Dr. Long initially helped me to deal with the pressures and the successes. However, it turned into something much more. I realized how I was not in control of myself. Dr. Long taught me how think, and therefore ultimately perform with consistency, no matter the situation." 

​All-American - Lacrosse

"I worked with Dr. Long when I was racing personal watercraft professionally. The year I started working with him I won the World Title. If you work with Dr. Long you will get results. His work made a profound difference in my athletic and my professional career. I recommend him whenever possible!"

World Champion - Women's Jet Ski


White papers, podcasts, audio recordings, videos, books, articles, — it’s all found here. 

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Motere's white paper details Dr. Long's research of his Predictive Model of Human Performance & Leadership and is available to prospective clients.

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