Strategic Execution


Motere Consulting provides exclusive opportunities for individuals and organizations wishing to obtain the right to use our scientifically proven social operating system and deliver our world-class programs and content to their clients and employees under our Licensing Programs. Partners have access to Motere's proprietary behavioral analyses and are certified in our consulting services and workshop programs. We seek out mutually beneficial relationships with dynamic, talented and committed people who share business goals, values and vision with Motere Consulting. 


Leverage for Change


People are drawn to the discipline of strategic execution from many professions. Under our Licensing Programs, our partners master competencies in Coaching & Communication, Training & Teaching and Leading & Changing. Our partners learn how to create change by mentoring individuals, facilitating groups and transforming organizations. Self-study, continuous learning and strategic planning are the cornerstones of Motere’s Licensing Programs. These components help our partners create excellence in the business organization, the family and the community.

Our Licensing Programs help people become aware of strategic execution principles:

  • Human beings are capable of extraordinary achievement
  • Creativity and innovation are a natural element of our make up
  • Long-term customers relationships are the wisest strategy for long-term growth
  • Teamwork, although imperative to business outcomes, is an overlooked source of community and collective self-image. 

Exceeding Expectations


"Just when you thought that you had maximized your productivity, along comes Dr. Steve Long. An impressive list of professional athletes, fighter pilots, military special operations personnel, top salespeople, and corporate executives have permanently raised their personal productivity by putting his expertise to work for them. If you want to realize that same increase in productivity at an organizational level, join the many organizations that have realized significant increases in performance after engaging Dr. Long. From management team execution to breaking through performance plateaus to change management, Dr. Long knows the essence of performance and how to take it to the championship level."

 Tommy Thomas, PhD, CEO - Opposite Strengths, LLC

“The GOLD! Licensing Program is excellent! The strength is the fact that Olympic Gold Medalists applied the same tools to win their championships can also be used in business and in life!”

Ichiyo Yamamoto CEO - Ecology Health Labo 

Tokyo, Japan